Saturday, May 22, 2010

ftiend 101

"Going through tough times and having someone there to stand by you no matter what happens - I kinda miss that... I really do"

You see, one cannot lower his guard down even in the midst of a closest friend. Change is inevitable. Some time, somehow in the future, that very trusted friend of yours will change and there's nothing you can do about it. Unfortunately, most of the times it won't cross your mind that sooner or later, your friend or even you will no longer be the exact same person you knew before. It may be physical, personality, priority, time and interests. It is very hard to get used to the newer person upgrade 2.0 because we already have a view of he/she is. I was able to almost fully accept that person until he changed, I couln't take it since I already have a pattern for what he is/used to be; which makes me say "No you're not like this before." I wish this upgrade is backward compatible or better yet I want it to be downgraded back to the original version. But we all know it's unlikely to happen.


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